I Belong

Have you ever been lost in the bustle of the big city?  Ever wondered where that “somewhere” was that people were always rushing to? I have, especially when I vacation in New York City, but not once have I felt like I had a purpose in the chaos, until I started my internship.  I now have a place in this crazy morning rush, I know it sounds strange but I enjoy cursing the morning traffic, I enjoy complaining in Starbucks line about frivolous things like a tigers game, just as a child would mimic a parent, not knowing why, but just because your “supposed to.”

When I arrive at the courthouse, I have a sense of importance and pride mostly because of my distinctive ID badge.  The badge is almost like a superhero costume, when you put it on people treat you with a sense of respect. At work the days are always the same but always different, like I stated in my last blog, however they’re always exciting.  I emphasize this point because it is so very true.  The fast paced process of interviewing clients, gathering helpful information, looking through Capias files, and going on the record is the same, but the people–the people are always different, and this brings the thrill and excitement to each day.  I’ve been at the heart of all the action, from consoling uncontrollable relatives of the jailers, defendants having unruly outburst, and even a fight or two in the hallway, but these are the type of things that cannot phase you when you have on your “poker face.”

I have begun to take on more responsibilities during the court days, and thankfully, because I was getting bored just recording the docket and other little things.  I recently started to type of case briefs, which is amazing because I feel like I am doing real work.  Case briefs are basically, summaries of the case that the lawyer needs to read through quickly before they go on the record.  I have also started to build relationships with the team, one of the attorneys took me upstairs to the 5th floor, which is felony court.  This was a scary day for me not only because of the felons that were right before me, but because I realized that I had started to become numb to seeing people go to jail.  In felony court during the examination I had seen some gut-wrenching cases, that you only hear about on shows like 60 minutes or Criminal Minds, I had finally seen the “dark side” of the lawKeeping my “poker face” during some of those trials was extremely hard, but it helped me come to the conclusion that I would never want to work on the “5th floor.” But there were also happy times, I was invited to Hon. Judge Paula Humpries retirement party.  This was a big deal.  I really admire this woman who served in the army while being a judge at the same time, yes, amazing.  She even took the time out to speak to me at her party and gave me advice about my future, she even told me to add her on Facebook.  It took an entire day to fix up my Facebook getting prepared for the big friend request.  It is mind blowing how growing up with social media can be both a blessing and a curse.

I can easily see myself doing this work while in law school and actually being a part of the rush instead of being the child mimicking a parent.  Every time I go to work I find myself molding into quite the lawyer, I find myself belonging more and more to this discourse community we call politics and I enjoy it.