Getting in the Know

As my time here is almost over, I am trying to learn more than just the court process, but the law school process.  Because, I have begun to master almost every task that is going to be thrown at me during the internship, I stated to chat with the younger attorneys on the team about law school.  

Because I have been reading conflicting stories about the first year law school experience online, I decided to get the truth straight from the “horses mouth.”  The judge had been out for the week on vacation to the Bahamas (so joules) so the docket was really slow, like three cases a day.  So while completing house cleaning matters, I was able to really pick their brains. 

One attorney, a young lady that graduated from Spellman University gave me lots of useful information.  First, she went to law school at Wayne State University, which is my top choice school.  I was excited to hear what she had to say.  I didn’t beat around the bush I asked “is the first year really as impossible as they say?” Her answer was honest, it is challenging but they use the first year to “weed out” the people who don’t really want it.  However, it is far from impossible, if you do the work you will be fine.  No more days of procrastination.  She also gave me advice on how to get outlines from other students and the importance of forming “alliances.” She also reassured that the instructors do randomly call on you, but not to embarrass you and they will walk through the cases with me.

Now on to the fun part.   I first inquired if I should join a student org my first year; her answer was “definitely.”  Then I asks which one’s to join.  The one she said almost immediately was the “Black Student Law Association”  they help immensely with study groups, campus tours, outlines, and helping incoming minority students get access to resources.  That org is on my top priority list.  

Finally, she assured me that it gets better.  The classmates become your family and the faculty are very approachable.  One professor went on bike rides with the students regularly.  She also made a point to get to know the counselors, advisors, and other staff because they become your best resources.  

The second young lady I spoke with gave me a different story.  She started off saying she ended her first year in the hospital.  Her best advice was; “don’t be like me.”  She attended University of Detroit Mercy, which is second on my list.  So, her comments were concerning to me.  But her habits are far from mine, she told me that she didn’t even proof read her personal statement, as I have had a minimum of six drafts read by three different people.  But in the end she said, “Look at me now, look where I am, I made it you will be fine.” This did make me feel better, but I have always been a person to do the work, so I know I will struggle but I will make it.  


One thought on “Getting in the Know

  1. I’ve heard the same about law school. That they use each year to weed out and clean house. But honestly, if you want it, you’ll work to get whatever and wherever you want. Like the saying goes, “You gotta wanna.” : ]

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