All good things end…or do they?

As my time at 36th district comes to an end, I have reassured my passion for law, and my ability to adapt to different aspects of the law quickly.  I have made a bond with my team that is going to assist me throughout not only law school but with my career as a future attorney.  I have made personal connections with judges, attorneys, officers, and other staff members.  I have also been offered another internship already with an attorney who specializes in entertainment law, which I unfortunately had to respectfully decline because of scheduling.  He is actually getting together a girl group for a branch of A&M Octone records,I thought it was pretty cool, but being realistic I don’t have time for it.

With the connections and friends that I have made during my internship, I can go into law school more confinement.  I feel like I have an inside on how to survive law school from actual law students, and I have an in on making it in the professional realm, with the judges and attorneys that give the best advice.  As I continue to reflect on what I have learned, I see how beneficial internships are, because I have had the chance to put what I will learn in law school to use already, which will give me better perspective and put a meaning behind the mock trials, and case briefs that I will be doing.

However, this internship may be over but it is not the end really. I was offered a paid position as a student intern here when I begin my second year of law school.  How amazing is that?  I have been extremely blessed, I’m thankful for the opportunities this class has helped me receive. This internship has helped me cement my purpose in this world; helping others.

“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it fearlessly”

-Steve Maraboli